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Child ADHD Assessment - £750

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that impacts the ability to concentrate and / or curb impulsivity. It can present in a number of differing ways and negatively impact upon the ability to achieve your potential. It can impact adults and children across education or employment as well as impacting social skills and ability to manage in day to day life. It is only in recent years that better understanding of ADHD has allowed for amendments and intervention to be put into place to allow someone to achieve what they are capable of. An assessment and diagnosis can allow for a better understanding of difficulties as well as opening the door for treatment options. 

What to expect at assessment:

A comprehensive ADHD assessment will include:

A clinical interview

For child assessments, this will involve being asked questions about your child’s developmental history and their current presentation. You will also be asked to complete ADHD screening questionnaires about your child.  

Clinical Observation

As part of the assessment, a clinician will complete a play based assessment with your child to assess their presentation in addition to completing a computerised assessment (QB check). This can be helpful with more subtle presentations and where you are concerned that school may not share your concerns. 

School liaison and information gathering

As part of the assessment, if you give consent, your child’s nursery or school will be contacted and asked questions about your child’s presentation within the school environment. This will also include them completing standardised questionnaires.

Multi-disciplinary clinical discussion

Once all the information has been gathered relevant to your child’s ADHD assessment, the information will be evaluated with a consulting clinician who also specialises in this area to consider if a final ADHD diagnosis is appropriate.

Comprehensive report and feedback

A full detailed report will then be written summarising the information gathered and the diagnostic outcome of the assessment. This will also include recommendations and helpful sources. If appropriate a referral for medication will also be made.

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