Dr Jennifer Glover

Warwickshire, Oxford, Coventry, Derby & Leicester

Child Autism Assessments - £1700

As experienced clinicians within the NHS, we understand that it can be difficult to get a timely assessment if you have concerns about your child being on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD). This can understandably lead to unnecessary stress for everyone involved. We offer immediate and comprehensive specialist ASD assessments for children that are fully compliant with NICE guidelines and accepted by local authorities. We are aware that children present differently in different environments and specialise particularly in assessing females and those who ‘mask’ their difficulties and autistic symptoms.

What to expect at assessment:

Resolve Psychological Services ltd offer comprehensive autism assessments that are carried out in accordance with NICE guidelines by clinicians who specialise in the area of neurodevelopmental conditions. We specialise in assessing those who ‘mask’ their symptoms in environments outside of the home. A comprehensive assessment of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) will include:

A clinical interview

This is a comprehensive ADI-R informed clinical interview. It will involve being asked questions about your child’s developmental history and their current presentation. You will also be asked to complete ASD screening questionnaires about your child.

School liaison and information gathering

As part of the autism assessment, with your consent, your child’s nursery or school will be contacted and asked questions about your child’s presentation within the school environment, including information relating to their academic achievement, social skills and interaction and emotional wellbeing  This will also include the completion of standardised measures.

ADOS-2 assessment

This is a specialist ‘gold standard’ diagnostic assessment carried out individually with your child to consider their presentation against the criteria for an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis.

Cognitive assessment (optional)

If you are concerned in relation to your child’s intellectual abilities, there is the option to have a cognitive assessment as part of the autism assessment. The WISC-V assessment is a gold standard assessment tool designed to measure a child’s intellectual ability and ascertain processing speed and areas of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This allows for specific recommendations with respect to learning to be provided to families and schools. It is particularly helpful with the EHCP application process. The WISC-V is carried out in a separate clinic appointment with the young person. 

Multi-disciplinary clinical discussion

Once all the information has been gathered relevant to your child’s autism assessment, the information will be evaluated with a consulting clinician who also specialises in this area to consider if a final ASD diagnosis is appropriate.

Comprehensive report and feedback

A full detailed report will then be written summarising the information gathered and the diagnostic outcome of the assessment. This will also include recommendations and helpful sources. The assessment is accepted by local authorities and carried out in line with NICE guidance.